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No more green washing. 
Introducing Proof of Impact.

Atlantis Network Protocol (ANP) is designed to incentivise real actions which have positive impact in the fight against climate change.

Atlantis Network Protocol help enterprises offset their emissions with more impact.

Our network thesis is built on “proof of impact”

ANP is designed to incentivize collaboration between  individuals and companies to do verifiable work that has real-world impact.

Our protocol is permissionless and inclusive, relative to traditional forms of capital infra for building climate impact, ANP has few key advantages: 


  • Ability to impact climate change faster
    —in many cases 10-100x faster with superior co-ordination

  • More attuned to hyper-local climate realities

  • Designed to incentivize local - global impact

  • 100% transparent in funds deployed by companies

  • Individuals & Enterprises heavily incentivized with monetary
    and reputational gains. 

Enterprise buys $AGU to mine climate bounties.
$ICs for offset.

Individuals can complete
climate bounties
& get paid in


Companies mine climate bounties to offset footprint


Chief Sustainability Officer
Company XYZ

Companies earn offset credits when climate bounties are completed

Group 1.png

Citizen of Atlantis
Bounty Hunter


A network where every
action counts. 

Atlantis incentivize enterprises to mine climate action bounties on the platform and in exchange get the network social token called Impact Credits (ICs)

ICs are used to rank enterprises & individuals on a Global Sustainability Leaderboard. Higher the ranking more their impact in fighting climate change.

All the climate action bounties are designed to help companies achieve ESG goals with ease.

The protocol help enterprises & communities around the world rapidly and transparently march to net zero emissions and above that achieve net energy positive footprint. 

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Network Design Inspiration

Can technology replicate nature's design?
Find out why we decided to build ANP on blockchain

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