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Project Roadmap and Key Milestones

Atlantis Network Protocol is the brainchild of years of experience and expertise in clean technology and digital platforms.

Started as an idea in late 2020, the team bootstrapped the piloting phase and generated over  USD 500K in network revenue.

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November  2020


February 2021

Launch Pilot

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Parts of urban & rural India 

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May 2021

Paying Pilot Customers

75 Cleantech brands onboarded 

2000+ paying customers 

17 paying enterprises

December 2021

Atlantis Network Thesis 

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Pilot validated the possibility of a circular economy with over 11,000 users participating

March 2022

Codex Atlantis

Version 1.0 of whitepaper published

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Ellipse 935.png

July 2022

Early Access Testnet

For first believers, ecosystem builders and network partners

August 2022

Launch Enterprise App

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Used by businesses to turn net energy positive

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Q4' 2022

Public Token Sale

Public can invest in the project.

Q2' 2023

Launch Citizen App

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Used by individuals  to earn and spend in the network

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