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Building the OS for Climate  Impact

Atlantis Network Protocol is the brainchild of the founding team who have built and scaled business in sustainability & renewables. They have spent the last 5 years in the frontiers of climate change. 

Started as an idea in late 2020, the team bootstrapped the piloting phase and generated over  USD 500K in network revenue. 

November  2020


Ellipse 935.png

Can circular regenerative economies unlock green job

& climate resilience?

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February 2021

Launch Pilot

Parts of urban & rural India 

March 2021

First Paying Pilot Customers

Ellipse 935.png

75 Cleantech brands onboarded 

2000+ paying customers 

17 paying enterprises

Ellipse 935.png


Time to build

Atlantis Network 

With over 11,000 pilot users & 500K in network revenue, the beached markets have been identified


Unlock Grants

Ellipse 935.png

Raised our first grant

Team building commence

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September 2022

Launch Atlantis App
in Rural India

Release Citizen App Version 1.0

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